TotallyHR – Part of your HR toolkit

100% Self-directed 

100% Ease of use

100% Device compatible

Life. Better. Faster. Easier


What is TotallyHR?

Built as a single interactive PDF file, TotallyHR is an interactive toolkit that helps you find any process map, policy, template, or file across your entire HR department, all located in just ONE file,  in less than 7 clicks.

TotallyHR brings your HR processes to life all at once, without the need to train, provide logins or define process flows and create RACI’s. 

Unlike websites which function to inform, document management and storage systems like Sharepoint that fail to identify tasks, and HRMS systems which require extensive training, TotallyHR has tools which functions to teach while on the job.



Product Features

– Single downloadable PDF file 

– Interactive PDF with built in navigation to all templates to be accessed

– Built in Password Protection for Processes and templates 

– Embedded Templates from MS applications – Excel, Powerpoint and Word

– 100% Offline, Online and Remote use compatible

– 100% Device Compatibility: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

– 100% Process Compliance ensured upon deployment

– No need to train – functions intuitively, just like an app

– Deployment in less than 30 days